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“Evan as a child, I enjoyed documenting family events and trips into nature with a simple pocket camera.  In my post-army service travels, I purchased a Pentax still camera, and as I began to move around with it and photograph, I realized that that was what I wanted to do in life…looking back, I think that I made the choice of a profession in photography in order to express the unique way I see the world…(Assaf Ronen – photography studio, owner).

General Review

Studio Assaf Ronen was established in 2004 by Assaf Ronen, graduate of the Kiryat Ono College of Digital Media and Film.

More than 10 years of rich, professional experience with food manufacturers, public relations firms and advertising agencies have led to the studio’s expertise in the production of quality gourmet food photography, and unique skills in the providing of a response to complex challenges in a variety of photography fields.


Studio Assaf Ronen Photography Services

Expertise in commercial food photography – photographs of entrees, cooking processes and recipe preparation, food photography for advertisements and notices, atmosphere photography for books and magazine articles, photographs to accompany journalistic food columns, menu photography, documentary photography following places and people who engage in food, culinary culture photography.


Studio photography of products and lifestyle – photography of products and lifestyles for a variety of fields, including pack-shot photography (packaging), product image photography, life style photography for online and printed catalogs, photography for exhibition booths and complementary atmosphere photography .


Studio photography for industry – photography for industrial factories, agriculture and hi-tech, from the macro-photography of products to image photography, to large machinery.


Image photography – image photography for people, image photography for locations, image photography for products.
In essence, image photography is photography with a marketing flavor.  This is an excellent way to market your products or services: image photography is sensual and authentic, strengthening one’s identification with the brand.


Architectural and Interior Design photography – image photography for a variety of companies and professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, home design, planning and construction, design and production of furniture and kitchens, atmosphere photography for hotels, inns and spas.


Photography for printing – catalogs, billboards, folders, calendars, books, recipe booklets, stickers, packaging, menus, backdrops for exhibitions, magazines and newspaper advertisements.


Photography for the Internet – photography of a variety of contents for Internet websites, blogs, photography columns and social networks. Product photography for galleries, image photography for company staff, restaurants or caterers, atmosphere location photography.


Art Studio Photography – art photography of your work processes, photography of artists’ works in painting & drawing (reproductions), sculpture, textiles and jewelry, photography using the unique 360° technique.


Studio Assaf Ronen also provides lectures and instruction in the field of photography studies for the private and business sector, for individuals and groups.


Why Studio Assaf Ronen

The following are samples of the reactions/feedback we have received on photography productions and projects in which we have been involved:

“Gorgeous!  The photographs give you the sense that you are actually in the experience yourself.  Amazing talent”…

“The book arouses my curiosity – I will definitely include this book in my reading (and purchasing) list”…

“Really beautiful!  I’m dying to see the book”…

“Assaf, your photographs jump out of the screen, full of life”…

“Breathtaking photographs, a beautiful and delicious journey”…

“What a beautiful project!  And the photographs are excellent”…


Studio Assaf Ronen brings with it the newest in digital innovations and offers its clients a unique film technique in the field of food – 360°, perfectly adapted for use in digital media, where it provides the Internet user with an enjoyable, stimulating experience, and involves them actively in the brand’s activity.

The use of the 360° technique in the field of food has attained considerable success in the increase of sales percentages, in product exposure to potential customers and is extremely effective in its use in Internet media and in cellular media advertising.

To read more about the 360° technique


Our clients

Among the Studio’s past and present clients and alongside advertising agencies, interactive and public relations offices: Lam Margelit Advertising, Filizer Communications, Guy Ofek Communications.  Food manufacturers:  Dagei Hadan, Havayat Champignon (Champignon Experience), Nina’s Bakery.  Restaurants:  Aroma, Kyoto, Saquella.  Chefs:  Omer Miller, Michal Ansky, Haim tibi. Catering companies, graphic design studios.

The Studio also provides food photography for projects including various book and communications launches:  Derech Haochel, Magazine Chef – Leisha, Mapa, Bishulei Haderech and food columns on YNET and MAKO.


Studio Assaf Ronen with its face to the community

The studio is located in Tel Aviv and also supplies photography services via a mobile photography studio across the country.

As a portion of studio activities for the good of the community, we are happy to support businesses in the north by offering special discounts!

The studio participates in special projects with photography as a contribution, within the framework of the Israel Elwyn Organization.


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