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Photography that enhances the article’s professionalism, attracts attention and increases the reader’s interest…


Taking advantage of my rich experience in photographing hundreds of pieces for photography departments in various portals; the photography of pieces under studio conditions and challenging field conditions; work with regular columns, occasional blogs, and a variety of editors, journalists, stylists, and more.


What do we photograph?  Internet pieces for departments in portals including MAKO, YNET, etc.



Egg’s Guide – by Yael Garty, Ynet

קראו עוד >



Onion Guide – by Yael Garty, Ynet

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אורי מאיר צ'יזיק ומיכל אנסקי


Port Market Visit – Uri Mayer Chissick & Michal Anski

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אורי מאיר צ'יזיק ושי אביבי


Local Meal – Uri Mayer Chissick & Shai Avivi

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עוגת רוזמרין

Rosemarie Cake

Rosemarie Cake – by Carmit Elkayam, Ynet 

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